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Dec 27, 2002
The Fenix L2T - a 3watt Lux, 2x AA - was one in the bunch of flashlights 4sevens (http://fenix-store.com/) very kindly sent me on loan for CPF review.

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Size and supplied pouch

Heads -

similar to the Fenix L1 and P1 - the head of the L2T is marked "L1T/L2T" and is the same as the L1T head threrefore fully interchangeable.

vs. Fenix L1 v2.5 (Non-Premium) both on alkaline -

on High and alkalines the L2T is definitely brighter than the L2 v2.5 - showing it is performing at a typical 3watt level. Surprisingly the tints are similar - a bit too blue for me - I prefer my tints to be warmer, and closer to sunlight. However I could easily change the heads over from the L1T - which had a better tint.

on Low vs. Fenix L1 v2.5 (Non-Premium) both on alkaline -

The L2T on Low (alkalines) is only slightly dimmer than the L1 v2.5 -
considering the claimed runtime of 22 hours on low - this is a really good performance.
Although there's the counter where the low level is not really dim enough to make that much difference in usage......

vs. Fenix L1T both on High and on alkalines -

note: L2T on right and L1T on left (I've taken these beamshots from the Fenix L1T review)

vs. Fenix L1T both on Low and on alkalines -

(again L2T is on right and L1T on left)
in similar ballpark for both High and Low - with perhaps the L2T very slightly brighter in both cases.

(on alkaline) vs. Fenix P1 on primary CR123A

not surprisingly very comparable - since they are both 3watts driven by nominal 3V - the P1 may be marginally brighter.

on Low alkalines and on Lithium on High vs. Fenix P1 on primary CR123A - showing only the -2 Stops Underexposed shots to compare brightness -

on low the L2T is definitely dimmer than the P1 -
but on Lithium AAs and on High it may be just a bit brighter than the control P1 on primary CR123A.

Overall a very good performance.

The Low level on the L2T is not really dim enough to make it practical as a low level -
BUT on low it's still at a level that's close to a respectable 1watt'ish and a claimed long runtime of 22 hours would make this a really good performance.

Again like the L1T - I probably would use the L2T mostly on Low and turning to high occassionally.........


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Dec 27, 2002
skalomax wrote: "Just bought a L2T and love it. The P1 is on the way. Is the L2T Much brighter than the P1?"

Thank you....

There are 4 sets of direct side-by-side comparison beamshots with description between the Fenix L2T and P1 - using L2T on alkaline and Lithium AAs (please see the last 4 beamshots in my post above) - hope those help?
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Dec 27, 2002
Some current draw readings for thew Fenix L2T

Alkaline AAs (2 in series 2.89V open-circuit) Hi = 0.93A; Low = 0.11A
Lithium AAs (2 in series 3.40V o-c) Hi = 0.64A; Low = 0.20A

Now here's a surprise on High the L2T drew 0.93A on 2x alkalines (with 2.89V o-c) - this is 2.69watts
whereas on Lithium AAs (3.40V o-c) it only drew 0.64A = 2.18watts.

Yet my beamshots above seems to show that the L2T on lithium AAs is a bit brighter than on alkalines......

My guess/speculation is that at 3.4V this is above the Vf of the LED - so the circuit is sort of "direct-drive" to the LED without (much) efficiency losses - whereas at 2.89V with alkalines the circuit has to step up the voltage with attendant loss.

Whereas on Low setting the current draw of the L2T on lithium AAs was almost double that of alkalines........

I hope someone with better knowledge could please help clarify this seeming contradiction?


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Apr 16, 2006
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Actually the lights look equal. The L2T maybe a bit brighter though, Arent they both considered 55Lumens?Thanks for a great review like always.


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Jun 15, 2005
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The Fenix L1/2T (Luxeon) had been replaced by the Fenix v2.0 RB80 (Rebel).
The Fenix v2.0 RB80 had been replaced by the Fenix L2T v2.0 Q2 (Cree XRE).
The Fenix L2T v2.0 Q2 is roughly 2.5X brighter than the original Luxeon version.
You have to be careful which version you are discussing.