humans are stupid


Newly Enlightened
Jul 6, 2022
I was the compliance officer for my company. I once circulated a new procedures email which the staff were required to read. In that email i included the words "the first person to come to me will get a crisp new 20 pound note". The only person to claim the money was the most junior person (about 20 years old) and English wasn't even her first language.
People do that a lot. Fail to read (or watch) ALL of something then say something obviously wrong about the text or video.

There's a Yahoo News article about how Jake Koehler (DALLMYD is his YouTube channel) came close to being dead in the Titan submersible. He got an invite to take a trip down to the Titanic but weather and technical problems scrubbed the dive. While coming back to Canada they decided to attempt a shallower dive to 3,000 feet. But again there were problems, the platform only went down to about 30 feet where Titan would be released. Titan wasn't released from the platform.

The author of the article obviously didn't watch all (or any) of Jake's video and eneded the article saying he got to dive to 3,000 feet.

I replied with that correction. So someone replied to me to "correct" my reply by simply repeating the incorrect line from the article instead of watching the video to see for themselves that the article author was wrong.

This stupidity happens all the time on tech forums. Make a long and detailed post of *precisely* everything, every step, every operation that has been tried and failed, with error messages and EVERYTHING.

You WILL get someone who posts a reply telling you to try *precisely* something you just wrote that you tried and it failed. Then if you reply to tell them they need to *read and understand every word* before replying and if they have nothing new to add, don't reply, they whine to the moderators about you being "mean" or "abusive".