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Its a shame Olight are limited the amount of people for the upcoming charity sale...


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Mar 25, 2011
Reading at olightstore.com it says only product sales from regions in ; US/DE/AU/UK/CA/FR/JP/IT/CN on April 10 for medical supplies to support the corresponding countries. The charity sale in China on April 10 will be donated to US or any countries in an urgent need.

This is a shame i mean how many countries are there in the world that could participate that are affected because of corona ? alot more then those 9-10 listed.....

UK store doesnt ship to germany, DE store doesnt ship to UK so if u live in a country outside olights region store like me u are out of luck and many more also... i mean flashlights are a worldwide thing, why limit the money u can make and donate so badly? it cant be rocket science to a global or more wide store that ships to more countries then just 9-10......:( I think its easier to buy guns then lights coming from Olight since most special editions are sold mostly in the US store. Kinda ironic lights are made in china but most end up in usa store, then those copies that are left are going on ebay day after for twice the prices....
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May 4, 2014
If they can only do it through their own stores then chances are there are issues both with tax and otherwise to start up new operations for this alone considering it'd be something new, making it possible it'd be a net loss instead and cost more for this charity than the charity brings in. Logistics, taxes, shipping, and all the other things are still very much a problem with buying things and this is as far as i can see the best solution without large changes to the rest of their stores.