Just bought a new light - TM67H - similar to q3


Dec 18, 2004
USA, Pennsylvania
Was on ebay the other day, and found this auction Figured what the heck, I'll get it, a regulated light for 23.95 shipped.

If i ever get a chance to take better pics I'll post them, but for now look @ these links.

I actually really like the light. Has a nice color temp, leans slightly toward a incan yellow. What you can't see are the optics, it uses a "projector lens" to focus the beam. Since the lens sits back in the casing, this light provides almost zilch for spill, it's all hot spot, which is not a circle, but a square. If you put the light head down on the table, the square holes let out lots of light in a weird pattern, but it looks cool, and is usable light.

Build quality from what I can tell is extremely similar to my Q3. The tailcap is completely different, but the switch sticks out just enough to make tailstanding hard. The included sheath is a joke, it's even worse than the stock q3 sheath that everyone complains about. Brightness is great even though it's only a 1 watt luxeon, my eyes can't tell much of a difference from my q3 which has rechargable batteries in it (while this one has a standard cell)