Just joined - Retailer tips?


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May 31, 2020
Hello there. You all apparently do a ton of research before buying things, in this case a quality flashlight. I felt the need to join this forum for one main reason though....as far as "throw" flashlights go, I cannot find what seems to be a reputable online retailer to get one...and to get one I mean apparently, the best ones are (almost) all
made in China? I'm willing to do that if needed, but I cannot seem to find o line retailers that seem to be "well put together" such as site security and reliable inventory (based upon reviews). For example, I found a Manker thrower that I want to purchase. However their own site, the manufacturer's, has no security lock symbol in my browser (indicating a non-secure site). I figure well, ill
just visit a reseller.....but nope. Amazon is out of stock of it. And any other retailer appear unreliable
at best (such as lightmall.com according to some in these forums). Anyway, how in the world
do I order such a flashlight from a source that actually has the inventory to ship, where I'll receive my flashlight within a reasonable time period (eg 1-2 weeks) versus the zero turnaround from other posters on here where they order a light and it never processed....Any feedback, please?
{The only decent light I have so far is a SureFire G2X Pro that cost around $60.00, good for camping etc... The thrower I'd like to get is a Manker MK41. Where is safe to buy? Apparently only web sites offer this brand, not U.S. sporting goods stores. Any good alternatives to that model
would be appreciated. Such as an Acebeam model, etc. Thanks much.


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Mar 25, 2011
I just picked up a Malkoff Hound Dog XT. Looks like they have some more in stock. More expensive but you get 20% off for signing up for the newsletter. Made in USA, lifetime warranty. I had my light 3 days after I ordered it.