Modifying a Surefire 200/5 Led head


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Oct 25, 2019
I really like the size and shape of my 200/5 lumen led head from my old E2D defender and wanna spruce it up a bit. I was going to drop in a new 16mm XPL2-HD board to get some more lumens and better spread. What would I need to do to convert it to a single mode head. I'm using this thread for info on the board swap, thanks to @ten5three for the writeup! Since I intend it to be a tactical single cell light I really want a single mode though if possible. I do know all about LF heads and have a few but this SF head just appeals to me in so many ways, smaller diameter crenelated bezel and one that isn't so sharp as to tear my jeans.



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Oct 31, 2002
The host light - for a 1st project - is a "Problem" because You dont have much space.
Apart from that it is the same as any such mods:

You have the led and driver?
You need to get the head oft,
unscrew everything,
check the inside space,
ideally You can make the led mounting plate/heatsink thicker than the original one
(f.e. by leaving it much thicker but hollowing the back out to acommodate the driver)
but leave the diameter large enough that it will be a good press fit.
Put together led, mounting/heatsink + driver, so that this forms Your light "pill"
Everything in, check with reflector/optic. Its height should typically be, when looking into from the business end (one eye closed), the whole assembly shows the color of the led die.
Do not use super glue! ;)
fire light up to test.

... and post pictures

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