NEW Klarus XT12 930 lumens rechargeable


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Jul 26, 2016
I intend on getting both. Orders go tomorriw. The 12 being magnetic ported and the 11th being USB conventional.
I like the higher lumens but also like the magnetic aspect of charging. I can't have both. That's always the case but here the charging difference demands both imo. That could be the way klarus hopes it's played. There's a couple of nitecores that could derail my orders tomorrow but I'm feeling like I highly doubt it. Been wanting these xt11s models for a couple of weeks. Not knowing which to pull the trigger on I clearly see the resolution can only be both. Unless the RS finds a way into this combo solution. You can have it both ways...
This will eliminate two issues. One , wet or dry conditions usage. As best as I can predict.
Two, I should always gave a tactical klarus fully ready. I do enjoy making sure one will be always charged fully if not both no matter what the conditions are wet or dry that is.
I will just hold off on an elzetta a little while longer. Until the feeling rises up in me again to have a totally unneeded item.
Going to be a nice feeling to get an American , superior although overpriced torch. My surefire is a 2008 and that is surely on part if not superior to any of these beautiful Chinese torches. If I listed the things this G2 has been through. It actually might be a bit younger than an 08. Never the less... ...many afternoons of thinking how to abuse it...3 overgrown civil servants children can do much damage. Surefire took it all. Guess nows time for pics.
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