retired thrunite models


Newly Enlightened
Feb 8, 2020
Hi everyone. First post...

Number of years ago I was trying out some new flashlights when LED was just getting popular. I bought an Inova T2

Then I bought a Streamlight for distance. As it turns out, the Inova was great for keeping in the car and the Streamlight was great when out on the boat.

Recently replaced the old streamlight with a Nitecore MH25GT, which is a seemingly great light. I have a couple of issues with it but it hits almost all of my needs

Though neither is rechargeable, both the Thrunite t30S v2 and the TN11S v2 have may attention but they are very difficult to find. Neither is rechargeable, though the batteries may be taken out and recharged.

Any suggestions on similar lights that are rechargeable other than the Nitecore MH25GT?