Spring time tasks


Dec 20, 2012
Northern New Jersey
It's going to be 67F and sunny today. The tree out front dropped a lot of seed pods, and it looks a little messy. I'm thinking about running them over with my lawn mower to pick them up.

During the winter, the tree in the back yard dropped a bunch of twigs/branches, and although I picked up the bulk of them, there are still more to pick up.

At the end of the season, one of the rear tires to my mower developed a slow leak. I suspect that it may be dry rotted, and a little porous. I have a Ryobi 18V tire inflator, should I just pump it up each time I want to use it? OR pull the tire? I guess it is also due for an oil change, and a good going over with an oil can.

Is it time to give the generators a seasonal pull start?

Time to turn the water back on to the outside faucets and check for leaks as they run through the attic?

Oh boy, I'm getting tired already. So... what's on your list?
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Feb 11, 2017
NorCal, Central Coast
We received about 8 feet of rainwater this season. I've already begun trenching a new drain to divert, biblical size, runoff away from my house. Every year it's something new.
I'm still physically able to get out there and work, with a lot of stretching and a little ibuprofen helps.


Aug 9, 2015
Dust in the Wind
I think I read somewhere that 8 feet of rain in one season has been known to cause cancer in California.... or at least heart attacks from shoveling

My annual yard spray with weed killer took place yesterday. Each year I can cut these very wet spring weeds 2-3 times a week until they go away in the May heat, or I can spray them with spectracide when they reach cutting height once.

In about 3 weeks the heat will cause them to get choked out by Bermuda grass that wakes up. That means time to tune up the now 13 year old Toro that still starts 1st pull. This years maintenance will include a new self propel belt. When the mower was new I had to chase it like George Jetson on that conveyor belt by Astro. Back in February it needed a bit of a push to pull itself due to the belt slipping.

Also it's probably time to change the orginal blade.

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