Used to own this_and like this_whats better?


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Oct 27, 2021
Hello Hello!

Miss having a badass spotlight. Granted I only had one roughly 14 years ago but the itch has got me lol.
This is us

I used to own

I am looking into a unused

(mainly because
1. I like the separate LED to not blind people all night long - as on the 3 million version it was my favorite part to switch between the two
2. I can charge it in the wall outlet or car
3. Its bright and I already know how much I loved the 3 million one
4. Thats all really because I am a noob lol).

But I do not understand how to even compare lights. Is this is even worth the $90ish being asked or if it is just a waste now. If the halogen appraoch is just worse all around or not.


Thank yoU!


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Jan 31, 2014
I used to see those all the time, and even then, I was looking for decent runtime with that much brightness. ...though I'm surprised you can still find them, I like either the Peak HID spotlight you used to be able to get a few years ago from Autozone, to... ...and I'm surprised to find it, the HID spotlight at Tractor Supply. Both are 35 watt Xenon and runs 40 minutes, and looks to be about 3 or 4 million candles. ...of course, I also have one of these on the way from eBay as well (though I paid $65 for it.):