What the Heck is Going on With Member Dino2010 ???


Flashlight Enthusiast
Jun 16, 2003
I ran into some odd posts from CPF member Dino2010

They are a short timer, joined up this month, have a blurry picture of an Indian(?) looking gentleman, post four times a day, nothing wrong with any of that. :thumbsup:

The problem is that they have a bizarre range of posts. Some of them look like an actual person, some of them look like an imigrant struggling with a new tongue, while others look like the work of either a text-copy-bot or a young child. :eek:

Does anyone here actually know them? Anybody in the LA area want to contact them, see if they're OK?? Any other opinions on what is going on here, if we should either be concerned or maybe offer to help them? :confused: