Wurkkos is having a sale, get a TS10 w battery and charger and upgraded clip, with free shipping, for under $18


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Mar 31, 2015
Here is the link to the light with battery:

these are the options I suggest:

add a charger to your cart:

you may also want to add a pocket clip, be sure to choose for TS10, your choice of black or silver:

this is what your shopping cart will look like:

use the code WKBD25 at checkout
Today is the last day for the 25% discount, and it only works if you buy at least 2 items.

this is the price after adding the 25% discount code:

Hard to go wrong with a complete light with battery, charger, extra pocket clip, and free shipping, all for less than $18

the TS10 uses Anduril UI. I will be happy to help answer any questions about how to take advantage of the feature set.
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