Zoomie is the most fun you can have for a few bucks


Flashlight Enthusiast
Dec 19, 2004
Northern Virginia
This is one of the cheapest lights you can get, in fact it cost me nothing - it was included in the package I got from a battery place.

It zooms from a total, huge flood to this bizarre tight square.

I keep reaching for this light more and more versus my more sophisticated Malkoffs. I get it, for $2.99 that it probably costs you get neither heatsinking nor potting. I run a 1x18650 in it, some trash cell I got in 2008 and it still works.

It's just really nice, when I walk into the chicken coop, it lights up the entire coop, granted the lux is very low but you can see it all at once, if there any animals in it like snakes or raccoons or such. A tighter, better light like a Malkoff M61 is of course vastly superior but in that instance, I want all flood, zero throw.
Or when working under the car, or need to see the entire engine bay, and it's a light you don't care if you destroy. The most fun $2.99 you can spend.