Dang dog duo dreaming...


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Dec 21, 2005
Any dog owners out there?

Ain't it amazing how they act in their sleep.

Have two new pups we're raising: both part border collie, and one with lab mix and the other with shepherd mix.

They're in the kennels behind me now, and in the last thirty minutes, they've:

growled at some dreamed threat.

Chased something.

Been chased by something.

Nursed on their mother.

Pretended they were digging.

Pretended they were eating.

Acted as if something really, really nice was happening, with tail wagging and all.

Gone back to chasing something.

Barked at something (which in their dream state comes out as: 'muh! buff! muh! yip!' Not real barks, just the physical manifestation of the dream barks.

Right now, the female's front paws are jiggling in concert with her back legs, and I'm sure she's right on the heel of a dream rabbit or something.

It was all funny right up to the point that one of them passed gas, then it got hellish for a few moments there.

Valpo Hawkeye

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Jun 17, 2006
Valparaiso, IN
I have a greyhound who frequently has flashbacks to her racing days while sleeping. Their feet are webbed and actually expand and contract during their stride, so she flicks them back and forth at her "ankle" joint while the web action is going on. It's hillarious. Oh, and she'll ocassionally growl too! Funny stuff...


Jan 4, 2004
My lab/greyhound mix dreams more than any dog I have ever seen. She flicks her feet back and forth, growls and even barks softly in her sleep -- many times a day. It's amazing to watch.