Has anyone from USA bought a light from banggood?

Guitar Guy

Oct 23, 2016
West Virginia
Those losers finally gave me the refund after two weeks of the runaround, and after I filed a claim with paypal, and pointed out that it was illegal for them to refuse the warranty claim.
As a last ditch effort, they even tried to get me to get an estimate on getting the light repaired, and said that they may pay for the repair, even though it would void the warranty. I said NO.
When I first opened the light, it seemed like the box was worn, as if it had been opened and closed a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if those crooks sent me a returned item that they already knew was dead, and then hoped I'd give up on the refund if they gave me the runaround long enough.
Jetbeam did get back to me and said that they would send me a brand new light. I told them that I finally did get the refund, and hadn't planned on ordering another one due to durability concerns.
I don't know if there's any value in the dead RRT01 for parts, or if it could actually be repaired, but they didn't seem to want it back. I guess I got an 18350 battery out of it, if nothing else.
I'll never order from banggood again.
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