Zebralight UI Question


Sep 30, 2010
I own many Zebra's and I am very familiar with their UI... I have never gone into the G5/G6/G7 programming modes as I find the standard UI to be sufficient for my needs.

I would like to find out if it's possible to program a ZL to be a reading light for my mother-in-law... there is no way she will remember the UI when she goes to use it and she will be constantly blinding herself with the default UI.

Would it be possible to program a light so that there is NO mode available above a certain brightness level? I would essentially like to program a H503c to be a 2-mode light.

My thought is that it might be possible to program it so that H1/M1/L1 are all 1-lumen... and H2/M2/L2 are all 10-lumen. So no matter where she is in the UI tree, a double click will always toggle between 1 & 10 lumens. I would also like to have all beacon/strobe modes removed.

Is this possible?


Newly Enlightened
Jun 2, 2013
Melbourne, Australia
Strobe can't be disabled. You could select a slow strobe mode.

H1/H2, M1/M2, L1/L2 in groups G6 and G7 can be configured to be the same.

Five clicks might bring you back to G5 with some more powerful output though.