PAYPAL what a disgraceful company


Oct 23, 2005
They closed my account after 15yrs and will not tell me why. I even phoned them and I get the same useless answer from the person on the phone that I breached the User Agreement. Will not tell me how or why. I keep getting the run around and after many hours always get the same answer you breached the User Agreement.
You would think they would tell a customer why so one could learn by their mistakes right. No not PayPal no common sense with these guys.
After doing a google search looks like I am not the only one frustrated by having there account permanently limited (closed) for no known reason.

I have had this account for over 15yrs and now they just closed it. All they could tell me after speaking with a person was I was inconsistent with the user agreement and could no longer use PayPal services. What a way to run a business not telling people why.
I cannot work out what I did as I have not done anything different than I have over the last 15yrs.
The only thing I can think of is I have been doing more selling than buying and more payments sent by the Friends and family option maybe they do not like it as they don't make as much money from it.

Anybody got any good alternatives ? I would prefer not to use them anymore if this is how they treat us.

Don't feel bad. I closed my PayPal account on my own accord.👹